Data selection & animations

Clicking on the buttons below will cause animated transitions between different two-way QFA comparisons. Click on any point in the graph to select it - selected points will remain highlighted between datasets.

These animations work best in Chrome or Firefox. Use the controls on the right to customise the speed of the animation, or turn it off.

Speed: Disable:

Colour key

The points on the scatterplot are coloured according to a number of criteria:

  Gene (hover for gene names)
  Significant Gene (improved fitness)
  Significant Gene (reduced fitness)
  Selected Gene
  Selected and Significant Gene

Keyboard shortcuts

A number of keyboard shortcuts help with navigation of the datasets and gene lists:

cClear currently selected points
,Select 'previous' dataset (button to left of current dataset).
.Select 'next' dataset (button to right of current dataset).
Up arrowMove up through current list of Genesets
Down arrowMove down through current list of Genesets
Shift+ClickOpen gene in SGD

Vector graphics

Click button to generate a saveable (.SVG) version of the current graph which will appear at the foot of this page.

Further customisations

Reverse significant points colouring:

Search for genes

Use the text box above to search for genes of interest. Searches will auto-complete based on gene name or systematic ORF name.

Paste in comma-separated lists to select groups of genes.

If searching by standard gene name does not return any result, please try searching by systematic ORF name instead.

If searching by systematic ORF name does not return any result, this means that the gene disruption was not present in the library screened.

Selected genes


Select gene sets from the lists below to highlight groups of interest. Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to cycle through the currently selected list of lists.